Our Aims and Goals

To offer special needs children the best services and programs possible so they can develop and obtain their highest potential.

To educate and increase public awareness in order to create an inclusive community that will value our children as equal citizens.

To bring parents and families of developmentally and physically challenged dependants together so they can exchange knowledge, share experiences and lend valuable support.

From our inception in 1975, we were involved in establishing a therapeutic recreational pool in our community. This dream became a reality and is now part of our North Bay Aquatic Centre. We continue to provide accessible equipment, such as a chair lift and a change table, to allow those with physical disabilities easier access to the pool facilities.


Who we Are

The Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth (NADY) is a registered charity with the mandate to improve and implement services for developmentally and physically challenged children and young adults. As a charity we are unique in that our board of directors parents of children with special needs. Working together, we support each other as we face similar challenges.

What We Offer

We own and operate a wheelchair accessible van, available to families for medical trips, recreational outings and NADY related programs. We also offer recreational programs for children over the age of six and for young adults with special needs in our community. These programs include: an eight week summer day camp, a Saturday recreation program, horseback riding, as well as downhill ski lessons and experiences at North Bay's Laurentian Ski Hill. NADY is also proud to host an annual Christmas party and family picnic. Please see our programs offered for more information.

The History of Our Charity​

Six families in North Bay met to address a common concern - the desperate need for appropriate services for their disabled children at the local level. Within months, the group grew to twenty families. 

The group obtained its charter and became incorporated with a board of directors comprised of twelve citizens.

NADY became a registered charitable organization.

With a membership now of over 130 families, NADY has become a viable force in the community.

400 McKeown Avenue, North Bay, ON P1B 0B2    

705-476-5437 ext. 3550


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